Hart to Heart coaching is grateful to work with a group of amazing women in the Phoenix and San Diego area. We love our clients and are so excited to get to be part of the journey towards discovering joy and balance in their lives again. Here's what they have to say about the impact coaching has had on them.

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Lisa truly opened my eyes to my journey with sobriety. Her inspirational story and accountability assistance helped me get to where I am today. I never thought of being sober as an empowering experience, however, once Lisa told me to look inside and feel the empowerment that comes with being sober, being coherent, and being in charge of your body and mind, my life was truly changed. I am forever grateful for Lisa and hart to hart recovery for showing me how to be empowered, be sober, and realize how much I was truly missing out on in life.

Morgan O.

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Lisa has been my rock through some very difficult trials. In the past, my anxiety has gotten the best of me, and has prevented me from accomplishing personal/daily goals. However, through her compassion, understanding, and gentle encouragement, I’ve made some pretty big leaps. I feel “seen” and validated by Lisa, and I can’t wait for you to feel the same. I love her charisma, and excitement towards my future plans. She truly gives me strength and is helping me turn my life around one day at a time.

Michelle G.

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I am so grateful for Lisa! She is honest, kind, compassionate and supportive. Lisa genuinely wants to help people heal. She has put her skills to work for me, on numerous occasions, when the stress and chaos in my life have seemed too overwhelming. Lisa listens intently, thoughtfully questions, and gently offers possibilities. Talking to Lisa always helps me detangle my emotions and clears the clutter from my mind so I can see the successful path. Our conversations have encouraged me to work on my perspective, adjust my priorities, make healthier choices, and most importantly to celebrate my successes. I am so thankful for all of the positive help she has given me!

Mary Beth S.

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"You are an inspiration, Lisa. Your wonderful story shows your strength, growth and passion to help others find their potential!"

Staci C.

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