Recovery Coaching

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Recovery Coaching is a client/coach working relationship that focuses on the unique needs and desires for those struggling with addiction and staying on the life long path of sobriety.

Are you ready to begin your journey to recovery?

Here are some questions to consider when deciding if working with a recovery coach is right for you ...
  • Are you feeling successful in sobriety, but still not thriving in areas of your life that you desire to change?
  • Does your path in forgiving yourself during addiction seem impossible?  (or attainable)
  • Did you anticipate that your sobriety would "fix" the areas of your life that also needed your attention for change?
  • Do you feel "stuck" and unsure how to move forward in a new and happy sober life?

All packages include...

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Ongoing support and guidance
for continued sobriety success
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Future Planning

Strength based and future
focused plan of action
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Collaborative development
of goals to maintain sobriety in everyday life
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Help developing a sense of self
worth, self-esteem, strength
and empowerment
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Clarity on what benefits of successful sobriety looks like and how to achieve it
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Addressing negative self talk with guidance on how to disengage from irrational thoughts and beliefs
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Trigger Managment

Exploration of ideas and commitment managing triggering situations or environments
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Non judgmental accountability
check -ins

Complimentary consultation

A complimentary 15-minute consultation is available to discuss how Hart to Heart Coaching can help you reach your goals. Email consultations are available if preferred.

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